9/26/2020: Virtual clothes with Zoom

    Zoom has a neat feature: Virtual Background. It lets you replace your background with any picture or video, either using AI or a green screen.

    You can use it for your shirts as well, though!

    First, open the Virtual Background tab, and select your background of choice.

    Second, check "I have a green screen".

    Okay, so here's the criteria:

    Now click on the color picker (the rectangle that showed up when you clicked that checkbox), and click on your shirt. Repeat until it looks good.

    Yay! You're done! Some recommendations:

    You know, you're probably not going to email me. But I'm looking for opinions, so email me at k i d s c o d i n g p l a c e @ g m a i l . c o m

Bye for now!