Okay, back at it again! This is part of another "covid center"...

    Use Zoom? I bet you do. Enhance your experience with something I made here. It looks better in my opinion: If you use a supporting browser, it automatically closes itself when done. I also like the slider.

    It also has shortcuts: If you're having trouble, there's a shortcut to open it in the browser. It also shows the meeting id and password (PLEASE DONT SCREENSHOT) so you can easily join.

    And all of the links are big, so you can quickly download Zoom. You can even customize the color theme, the font, the font size, and it has dark mode too!

    I have some other stuff that you can look at the source code of: Go Call Me, Zoom Improved, and my related links 404 page are all in 404.html.

    I also have the Unclosable Page's source code, and the link that looks like it leads to Google but doesn't.

    You know, I think people are too fussy about this. I just don't let all of my parents saying "It's such a big deal" get to me...

    Anyway, you can always check my tutorials too.