These are notes for the future. Here they go:

At the first time, everybody on the news was going "Coronavirus, coronavirus" and nobody paid attention.

But then things got more serious. There's rumors everything will open soon, but we'll see.

We used something called Google Classroom to get assignments. A lot of mornings, our teacher uses something called Zoom Meetings and we can do video conferences where we can see eachother's faces and what they say. We can't touch the people.

As for the funny stuff? Everybody's buying toilet paper. It's a giant meme. There's also the things about the president talking about drinking cleaning fluids(BAD IDEA!)

Today I learned how to make a link look like it goes somewhere but go somewhere else. It can be used for good or bad. Here's an example. It looks like it goes to Google, but as soon as you click on it it opens Bing. I set the href to Google, but I also set an ID and an onClick. The onClick finds this element and changes the href to Bing. Tricky, huh?