Well, this is fun! Our next distanced learning thing is journaling. So this is school now! 😊

    I'm going to have to wait 14 posts until I can submit this. But don't worry, you'll still have great content.

    Actually, it might be a bit more boring. (I now have to put a date at the top.) I'll try to still keep it exciting! Here we go.

    It was saying I could write about my day. It's the morning, though, so I'll write a bit about yesterday. My dad hooked me up with his Kindle fire. It has the ability of "Show Mode", though. What does that mean? It can be an Echo Show! Yes, it can do everything a regular Echo Show can do, and it has a bigger screen and a battery. The only bad thing is that its speakers aren't great.

    On to today, I'm trying to make a stand for it. Its case has a prop, but it takes up space, so you can't put stuff behind it. (Yes, I know the regular Echo Show takes up its behind with speakers. I still want to have an empty behind.) I want to mount it on the side of a cuboard. I'm trying to not hang it, though.

    I also set up the Echo Dot in my room (3rd generation)! I'm going to start trying to track my sleep by saying "Alexa, note that I went to bed at 9:30." Quick off, time for me to maybe share.

    Well, I got called on. 🤷‍♂️ What are the chances? Well, my people were saying this is supposed to be a "time capsule", so here we go.

    Right now we're having a pandemic! Eek! I just don't let my parents tell me it's a big thing. Also, since we're supposed to be home (to prevent virus spread) and I'm an introvert that's good.

    I'm getting confused. Maybe that's because I'm hungry and I'm writing this during a video confrence with the volume up. Let me turn it down. ⏬ Yay! Relief.

    Ugh. This is supposed to be organized. Don't people know the wonderfullnance of unorginization?

    You know, I'm not going to do all of the work. Take this coronavirus information archive. Ha!

    This is getting boring. RESTART!


    song break:

Because I really love to make, love to make, love to make, DIY it.