Since we're all at home, a lot of us might want to post something on Facebook. Warning: Don't! Why? Well, let me tell you some reasons that might make you even want to quit!

    First of all, they steal millions of views on videos:

    They also manipulate and track you gigantically.

    If you have an Android phone, they've been tracking your text and call metadata to get better grips on what kind of ads to show.

    They have a really, really big database of faces. Even if you don't tag your friends and yourself, they could easily figure out who's who with all of their AI expertise, from selfies, profile pics, and text content.

    Their original name has been taking them on again, a book of faces that didn't always play nice. And speaking of playing nice, they don't always care about your battery either.

    Not to mention that there's a good chance we're going to have another Facebook election.

    Okay. You've learned about how bad Facebook is. Now what? Protect yourself.

    There are multiple ways to do this. I'll go over them.

    The most protective:

    But of course, you still want to use Facebook. Then do these:

    Hope this helped! Help your friends too, by sharing:

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