I'm going to start doing my writing here. As I might have mentioned, I live in Redmond, Washington. The governor is making kids stay at home, so my mom's "homeschooling" me. Basically, that means she makes me walk, do math, and write. It's okay!

    Anyway, I'm going to start writing. Again, I'm in isolation.

    I'll start out with this. Do you like to search the web? If so, which one do you like more: Trees or Pizza?

    Like trees more? Try Ecosia. Every 45 searches plants 1 tree, on average. They donate their earnings to planting trees!

    Like pizza more? Sign up for Bing Rewards. It takes 5,250 searches to earn a $25 Dominos gift card. On level 1, that would take you 525 days if you did 10 searches per day.

    But if you take into account level 2, then it would take you 129 days! Just do at least 10 searches per day for the first month, and then keep doing 50 searches per day. That isn't the only way to earn points, though.

    If you go to the dashboard, every day there's ways to earn extra points. You can usually earn 30-60 extra points daily! Also, a $25 gift card isn't the only thing you can buy. You can get many other kinds of gift cards, and you can even enter sweepstakes or donate to causes! Personally, I like Bing because I'm used to it and I can get stuff for myself. Feel free to use Ecosia, though!

    But yeah, you can do web searches that way. What about other kinds of online entertainment, though?

    Well, as I said yesterday, LG makes funny ads. Another funny video source is Translator Fails, where Malinda translates song lyrics and other stuff into other languages with Google Translate and then back into English. It's really funny! Here's an example:

    Another YouTube good channel for music videos is acapellascience, where Tim does parodies of songs with science. Here's a preview:

    That's the main entertainment for online for now. See you later!