10/3/2020: Smoothie and bypassing parental controls


    First of all, every morning, I have a smoothie. I thought I'd share the recipie I use.

    I use a Blentec blender, and fill the bottom with 1 layer of frozen banana chunks (no stacking). If I'm running low on bananas, I use mangos instead.

    Then I add some blueberries up to the 2 cup mark. I like to use frozen wild blueberries, usually Wyman's.

    After that, I add about 2 cups of water. Try different amounts and see what works for you.

    And finally, I add some Orgain chocolate protien powder. I usually use 3/4 to 1 scoop, but when I use mangos, I only use a 1/4 scoop.

    I put it on Whole Juice. Once it finishes, I add two ice cubes. Vary the amount and see what works. Then I put it on the Whole Juice blend cycle again.

    Then I put it in a cup, and drink it! Tip: Use the same cup to measure water as the one you use to drink. I usually save the excess for later, or share it with someone else.

Bypassing parental controls

    Okay, moving on to bypassing parental controls. So first of all, I was able to bypass Microsoft Family Safety's time limiting feature by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete once I was logged in, holding down shift, pressing the power button, and pressing restart. After that, I released the shift key. When the screen popped up, I chose advanced, and then chose command prompt. The drive was encrypted by bitlocker, and I didn't want to use the key or the admin password, so I hit "Choose another drive".

    Then after a bit, I was greeted with a command prompt. From there, I could run Notepad. I know, it's boring, but it's more interesting than you think. You can even open Notepad's source code with Notepad! Also, I haven't tested this out yet, but you could get a portable game that didn't require Internet, and then go ahead and go to that drive and run it.

    Okay, now on to Internet blocking. Again, here I have no admin. You can install Python from the Microsoft Store, and then get HTML pages. Then you can open inspect element, and change the HTML code to the code from the fetched page. I haven't tried this out myself, but I'm pretty sure it would work. Let me know on gmail with kidscodingplace as my first part.

    Now for router blocking. First of all, install Firefox. It has all of the stuff needed to get past blocking. For all of these options, you could just factory reset the router or use a SIM card with a hotspot, but that's too easy to realize.

    If it's blocking internet for all devices, your only option is to use the Work Offline feature in Firefox. It uses the cache to go to websites with the last used version. You aren't actually acessing the internet, just a copy of it, so chat rooms or live notifications won't work. Also, if there's a page you haven't visited before, it won't work. But it's better than forgetting to download games.

    Now for bypassing specific website blocking. Install HTTPS Everywhere, and don't allow unencrypted requests. Enable DNS over HTTPS with Cloudflare. If they are doing packet snatching and reverse IP resolving, then this won't work, but this should stop DNS and HTTP interception.

Random updates

    I've stopped tracking my sleep with "Alexa, note that I went to bed at []". I've reinstalled Home Assistant, because 0.115 introduced some way too many great things, and my current setup needed to be set up again anyway. I've hooked up a DHT22 (temperature and humidity), BMP280 (temperature and pressure), my humidifier, my bedside light, and a motion sensor in my bedroom using ESPHome and Home Assistant.

    Okay, I think that should be all. Let me know over on Gmail if you have any tips. And goodbye!