And a whole lotta snow! Well, this is my first 2020 blog post. I hope you're doing well!

    Recently, I've started coding in Kotlin. It's actually pretty good! It's a nice alternative to Python, and it works on Android, desktop, and even (kinda) iOS!

    I started using Kotlin because drag and drop wasn't good enough for making Android apps. It integrates pretty well with Android Studio, and here's a cool feature: if you have some Java code, it'll convert it to Kotlin for you!

    Well, what else is going on? As I mentioned, we had some snow. Lots of it! This week, we didn't go to school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! On Thursday, I was two hours late, and on Friday, it was a regular school day.

    Another thing: I'm in Cub Scouts, so I had the Pinewood Derby on Thursday evening. Here's some interesting facts:

    Well, happy 2020! Don't get to much spam from the eye doctor saying "Are your eyes 20/20 in 2020?"