Missed a spot! (#4)

Date: 7/23/2019

    Whew! My life is so busy, I forgot to fill in and make blog posts for 3 days! I'm back at it now, though.
    Anyway, I remembered today! So this week, I'm doing a 2-part camp. In the morning, I'm doing Pedalheads. Let me tell you a little about that.
    So, as you might guess by the name, it's a bicycling camp. Here's a link to their website:

(this is it)

    I'm at level 3. That means that I'm going to learn about hand signals and shoulder checks. I'm really excited.

    Anyway, my afternoon camp is a web development camp. I like it too!
    Also, later this week, I'm excited to help my dad set up SimpliSafe, since we ordered it this weekend.