Time for winter! We got a Christmas tree, and put the lights up. I made a nice little gadget that turns the lights on and off. It has a proximity sensor.

    I had a pretty good Thanksgiving! As always, the stuffing was the best. We made some jello cranberry salad too. It was yummy! (We have leftovers, but we're about to finish them up.)

    I messed around with QR codes a bit! I made a little "badge" that scans to my website. I used a website called QR Code Generator. It's pretty handy. By the way, try using it to make a WiFi QR code.

    I also set up some devices! I set up a Tile Mate, and a wireless headphone. It took some time, but it was fun!

    Oh, and what did I do on the parent confrence days, with extra-short school days? A variety **edit:** of random stuff!

    Anyway, if you're reading this, please email me to write another blog post soon! Bye!